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Indian Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a sort of body painting to use to decorate whole body. We can say it’s a simple but multiple and traditional way of makeup our figure. We can’t abolish this unique trend and there is no alternate of this trend (mehndi designs).

Mehndi as an Indian Tradition:

Here is a list of Indian traditional mehndi.

1.       Wedding traditional mehndi.

2.       Holly traditional mehndi.

3.       Rakhi traditional mehndi.

Wedding Traditional Mehndi:

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If we point out this step the here is a separate mehndi ceremony in Indian culture. Before the wedding day there is a mehndi ceremony. The whole family of bride and groom celebrate this function with great appreciations. Bridal mehndi designs are so complex and complicated. Latterly the full body of bride is designed with latest mehndi designs the most prominent parts are arm, hands and foot. The very simple and highly up Indian mehndi design is to make a sun with rays on the palm of the bride and to cover the fingers with mehndi designs. There is also a fashion to merge the name of groom on the palm of bride this is a sort of game played by bride. Groom has to find out his name to win the task. A traditional figure is that the mehndi increase the half beauty of bride it is considered as the part of the makeup.

Holly Traditional Mehndi:

This is the tradition of joy and happiness for the people of India. Whole Indian families gather along with their elders to celebrate this tradition. Mehndi designs attracts the girls as well as the women towards it but the designing used on these traditions is so simple not so complex very light and heart touching. Usually a flower shaped tattoo is used to made on the neck, hand and as well as on the back. In these days the most popular tradition is colorful mehndi designs these designs normally matched with the hair color or with the dressing. Some sort of pearl are also used to decorate mehndi designs.

Rakhi Traditional Mehndi:

This tradition involves the happiness of boy’s life, sisters pray for their long life and also required something in return like bangles, chocolates, dresses, money or other things they needed. Other then all, mehndi is also a compulsory part of their makeup to look more beautiful, charming and innocent. The henna tattoos that used on these occasions are very nice and not so time consuming. Fire shaped tattoo, flower shaped tattoo and a ray shaped tattoos are more desirable among new generation rather than mehndi designs.